Admission To Qiongzhou University

The university warmly welcomes foreign students to study Chinese language and culture as well as some other specialties here in Sanya.

Programs and Courses Offered by the University:

1.     Chinese Language

2.     Chinese Calligraphy and Painting

3.     Chinese Kongfu

4.     Chinese History

5.     Studies of Li and Miao Cultures.

6.     Tourism and Recreational Management

7.     Music Performance

8.     Russian Language

9.     English Language

10.    All arts courses

11.    All science courses

I. Admission Requirements  

Graduate students from High School: QZU welcomes anyone who is of good health and who has graduated from high school.  

Undergraduate students: Any student who graduates from high school should pass “HSK” (the lowest level is ‘C’) in the first year in Qiongzhou University, then study another three years in Qiongzhou University, then they can get diploma.

II: Classification of Students  

1.Long-term Students: register and study in this university for more than one semester (18 weeks).  

2. Short-term Students: register and study in this university for less than one semester.  

3. Undergraduate students: register and study in this university for three to four years.

III: Enrollment time    

The fall semester begins in September and the spring semester begins in March. The application deadline is three months before the start of the semester (It is also possible to enroll at any other time of the year).

   March 1st to July 10th (Spring Semester)

   September 1st, 2010 to January 20th, 2011. (Fall Semester)

IV. Admission Notes and Process

Required necessary documents for students applying for the international program from 

Qiongzhou University


a copy of passport

school leaving certificate

a resume

a recommended letter

an international certificate of physical examination

Extra curricular certificates (ex – best / good performance certificate in field of study), sports, volunteer, dancing)

Without providing all the required & necessary documents (all the above mentioned points with “ ” sign ), applying to study undergraduate course in QZU cannot be accepted.

QZU has the authority to judge and decide within all the applicants.

Time for application: All the year around.

The Admission Notice and the form of “Visa Application for Study in China” (JW202 form) will be mailed to the applicant after his/her qualifications are verified.

Apply for a student visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant's home country. Register at the College of International CulturalExchange during the period specified in the Admission Notice.


Applicants (individual applications or applications) can contact the College of International Cultural Exchange for admissions information and an application form. After completing the form, they should post or email it to the College. After receiving the application form, the College will send a letter of acceptance (Admission Notice) and a JW202 Form for a visa application to students, who are required to show these two documents to the Chinese embassy in their country in order to get an “x” visa. Applicant shall take a physical examination no more than 4 months in advance of the date he is required to study at QZU in a national or public hospital to complete the Form of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners. If in China, applicant may take a physical examination at a local Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Be sure to get all the above-mentioned documents back after the visa application. They are essential in applying for the required residence permit in China within 30 days after entering China.

The applicants are required to register at the College of International Cultural Exchange of QZU (Room 138 or 140, International Students Apartment Building) and submit the acceptance letter, Jw202 Form, and a Health Examination Report supported by the original test results, passport, a copy of your passport and four passport-sized photos together with the registration fee RMB 400, here you will get a “Registration Process Table”.

V. Courses Offered to International Students

Graduate students from High School:  

1.Elementary Chinese, intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese   (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) .

2.English, Russian (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)  

3.Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese Kongfu, Chinese History, Studies of Li and Miao Cultures

4. Tourism and Recreational Management  

5. Music Performance

Undergraduate students:    

All undergraduate courses in the various schools in Qiongzhou University.

VI. Duration of study:    

There will be a total of 14-16 hours instruction a week and each semester is ensured to have 17-18 weeks of classes.

For long-term and short-term students, a certificate of completion/attendance will be issued upon completion of study.

Undergraduate students follows the university’s teaching plan. When students pass examinations and dissertation, they will be awarded certificate of graduation, the Bachelor Degree of Arts or Science.



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