School of Tourism Management

10/17/2013 1:02:04 PM

The School of Tourism Management (STM), founded in 1993, is one of the earliest teaching bases in Hainan that focus on the cultivation of talents/professionals specialized in tourism management and economical management. So far, over 3,000 students have graduated from STM in the past 18 years.

STM has a strong and professional faculty. 21 of the faculty members are professors/associate professors, 2 are doctoral supervisors, 1 is titled as national important contribution expert and is granted a Special Allowance from the State Council, 3 are post-doctors, 12 hold doctor degrees, 30 hold master degrees, and 16 have oversea experiences. STM now offers 5 undergraduate programs, namely Tourism Management, Exhibition Economy & Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing, and Logistics Management; and 3 associate degree programs, namely Tourism Management, Accounting Computerization, and E-commerce, with a total of 2620 full-time students.

Currently, STM has a provincial level key (supported) discipline, a provincial level featured program, and a provincial level teaching team for the curriculum cluster. In 2012, Chinese Tourism Geography was approved as provincial level excellent course. So far, there are 6 university-level excellent courses, namely Introduction to Tourism, Chinese Tourism Geography, Operational Research, Modern Hotel Management, Tourism Statistics, and Marketing.

In 2013, STM was approved to enroll graduate students for Master of Tourism Administration (MTA).

In autumn of the same year, the STM’s Hainan-Austria Tourism Bachelor Degree Program launched its admission plan.

STM has gained great research achievement. So far, 200 papers and over 30 academic works/textbooks have been published; over 20 projects of national or provincial level have been completed and over 50 projects are being carried out. STM also has an experimental center providing labs for all programs. Moreover, STM has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises, and has a National Training Center for New Occupational Skills (Travel Agency Operator, Hotel Administrator)

STM pays importance to student’ professional skills. In the Fourth National Service Skills Contest (Tour Guide) for Tourism Colleges, STM won first place as a team in English group, 4 students won, respectively, first prize in English group, second prize in Chinese group, third prize in English group, and winning prize in Chinese group. In addition, advising teachers of STM won first prize as “excellent advising teacher” in English group, and the other one won second prize in Chinese group. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates keeps above 96% which is among the best in the University.


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