School of Foreign Languages

10/17/2013 1:01:47 PM

School of Foreign Language has two undergraduate majors: English (tourism, translation, and normal direction) and Russian; two junior college majors: English Education and Business English. There are more than 1600 students in this school. At present, School of Foreign Language has carried out cooperation programs in education with universities in the United States and Ukraine etc. This school has six modern digital language laboratories.

School of Foreign Language has 72 teaching and administrative staff, including 64 professional teachers, 13 teachers with senior title,46 teachers with doctor and master degrees. Many teachers have the experience of studying and working abroad. 3 domestically famous foreign language experts work as visiting professor of our school. In addition, there are 8 foreign teachers. In recent years, teachers in our school completed more than 30 scientific research projects at national, ministerial and provincial levels, including national project which was the first National Social Science Fund Project of our university. Teachers in our school have published more than 20 monographs, translation works and teaching materials, and issued more than 130 papers; our school has received 3 Teaching and Scientific Research Avhievement Awards of Hainan Province.

Our school actively organizes students to participate in social practice activities in order to broaden their horizons, increase their ability and enhancing their quality. Teachers and students in our school were well praised in the Boao Forum for Asia, the Brics Meeting, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member Countries Education Experts Meeting, Meeting for Presidents of Universities in China and Ukraine etc. Our school attaches great importance to students’ career planning, and in recent years, the employment rates of graduates are all above 90%.

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