School of Education Science

10/17/2013 1:00:53 PM

The School of Education Science (SES), known as Education Department before 2009, offers 3 undergraduate programs – namely Elementary Education (Chinese and Mathematics), Applied Psychology, and Preschool Education – and 1 associate degree program – Preschool Education. SES has 1 provincial-level and 2 university-level excellent courses. Currently, there are 44 members of teaching staff, of whom 39 are full-time teachers, 5 are professors, 13 are associate professors, 5 are double-certificated teachers, 4 hold doctor degrees, 16 hold master degrees, 1 is provincial-level outstanding teacher, and 2 are university-level excellent leachers.

SES has an experimental center covering a total area of 300 square metres and 8 practice/training bases. In recent 3 years, 81 papers have been published, 20 of which were published in core journals; 44 research projects have been completed, of which 2 are state-level, 24 are provincial-level, 15 are university-level, and 3 are municipal-level; 7 academic works have been published. SES has formed a well-structured and experienced teaching team with strong research power and high academic standards.

In recent three years, the students of SES have won 1 provincial-level, 4 university-level, and 3 school-level awards. 11 students obtained qualification certificates in various fields such as Accounting Certificate, Logistics Certificate, Psychological Consultant Certificate, and Band 4 Network Engineer Certificate. 2 students were awarded with national scholarship respectively in year 2010 and 2011. During 12th Five-Year, SES will set Sanya and Wuzhishan City as bases while providing services to Hainan province and even China. SES will make basic education as its major focus and endeavor to the cultivation of well-trained application-oriented talents armed with scientific concept and modern knowledge. SES is determined to upgrade itself as one of the competitive secondary schools under Qiongzhou University within 3-5 years..

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