School of Fine Arts

10/17/2013 1:00:37 PM

The School of Fine Arts currently offers 5 undergraduate programs, namely Musicology (for Teacher Education), Visual Communication Design (including Painting), Environmental Design, Choreography, and Music Performance; and 1 associate degree program, namely Music Education. There are now 79 staff members, of whom 73 are full time teachers, 21 are professors or associate professors, 25 are lecturers, 1 hold doctor degree, and 32 hold master degrees. At SFA, some experts are invited as visiting professors. They are Prof. Wu Lingfen, Vice Chairman from Chinese Choir Association and renowned conductor from China Conservatory of Music; and vocal educators Prof. Gao Jiajia, Prof. Gao Weijie, Prof. Luo Lianglian from China Conservatory of Music.

SFA has classrooms both on Sanya and Wuzhishan campuses, with a total teaching area of 3500 square metres, 162 piano rooms, 4 dance rehearsal rooms, 2 chorus rooms, 3 multi-media classroom, 2 instrumental rehearsal rooms, 2 digital piano rooms, 2 computer design rooms, 8 painting rooms, 1 exhibition gallery, 1 costume design lab, and 1 graphic and interior design lab.

In recent years, students and teachers of SFA have done brilliant performance in different art contests of national and provincial levels. A gold prize and a bronze prize have been won in the final contest of China Music Summit Forum & Music Performance. In the Hainan Art Festival, the Song of Fairy Deer was awarded with Performance Prize; Dance Ah Yeah got Stars Award; 6 caligraphies also won prizes. 4 students have won second prizes in the second\ third, and fourth Hainan Art Performance of College Students. In recent years, 12 monographs, 17 provincial level research projects, 11 municipal level research projects, and over 40 papers haven published. Moreover, several prize-winning songs have been created; 5 provincial level and 12 student’s personal painting exhibitions have been organized; over 30 art shows have been hosted.


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