School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

10/17/2013 12:56:45 PM

The School of Biological Science and Biotechnology was founded in December 2009, growing out of the department of Life Science. The school is fully equipped with teaching facilities. Biological Science and Technology School takes pride and strength from its well-designed programs, highly qualified teaching and research staffs. This school has four undergraduate majors: biological science (normal), biological science, ecology and horticulture. There are 1026 undergraduate students in this school.

The school has 61research and teaching faculty members, including 6 professors, 16 associate professors, 26 lecturers, 1doctoral tutor, 1 master tutor, 18 teachers with PHD degrees (5 post doctors), 24 teachers with master degrees and 5 teachers with experience of studying abroad. Some of the faculty members are famous teachers and outstanding party affairs workers at provincial level.

The school has a fully functional biological experiment center with the total construction area of 6600 square meters. There are 71 laboratories in the center, including a provincial key laboratory (Hainan amphibious reptiles key research laboratory) and four municipal key laboratories (Sanya amphibious reptiles key research laboratory, Sanya wild ganoderma lucidum key laboratory, Sanya tropical plant molecular breeding laboratory, sanya wetlands and birds resources protection and research key laboratory) and two biodiversity institutes (ecology and biodiversity research center, Hainan wild ganoderma lucidum diversity research institute), and 3 campus practice bases and 12 practice bases outside campus.

The school has achieved outstanding achievements in the construction of disciplines and teaching team. The school has one provincial excellent teaching team, provincial key discipline (zoology), two provincial excellent courses, and six university excellent courses. In recent four years, teachers in the school have publicly published more than 290 academic papers in domestic and international academic journals at different levels, including 25 SCI papers, and published more than 20 monographs and textbooks. The school has undertaken 8 national natural science foundation projects and more than 40 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and has been awarded 6 teaching achievement prizes at the provincial level or above.

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