School of Continuing Education

10/17/2013 12:55:53 PM

The adult education of QZU started from July 1981, and originated from School of Advanced Studies for Teachers of Hainan Li & Miao Autonomous District, the name of the school was changed to Guangdong Tongzha Education School in April 1983 approved by Guangdong Government. Then the name of the school was further changed to Hainan Tongzha Education School after Hainan became an independent province in April 1988. In July 1993, Tongzha Education School combined with Tongzha Normal School and a new university called Qiongzhou University was founded, and then an adult education department was founded within QZU. In January 1999, the School of Adult Education was founded and then the name was finally changed to the Continuing Education School of QZU.

The Continuing Education School runs all the continuing education programs of QZU, and it comprises of general administration office, correspondence education office, teaching and training office and office of self-education examination. Based on the full-time general education resources of QZU, majors like Chinese, Chinese Literature, History, Politics, English, Physical Education, Music, Art, Applied Computer Science, Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Biology Science, Applied Mathematics, Pre-school Education etc. have been opened. In total there are 2137 students in the Continuing Education School of QZU for continuing education purposes.

After 30 years development, the Continuing Education School of QZU has gained remarkable achievements, more than 5000 full-time adult students, 8000 correspondence education students of bachelor and diploma level, and self-education students have graduated so far. In addition, more than 5000 teachers have been trained. Lots of the graduates were the elites in their field all over Hainan Province. Besides, the Continuing Education School of QZU has undertaken the multi training programs for middle school teachers, administration staff who work in the education departments of Hainan, national education programs, as well various training programs for social talents. The Continuing Education School of QZU owns a mature and practical management team and has gained plenty experiences of continuing education. In recent years, based on the needs of the development of Hainan, the Continuing Education School of QZU has done amounts of work on exploring and reforming the education mode. Sticking with the principle of “Development is the hard rule”, the Continuing Education School of QZU has taken advantages of various opportunities from social development, and is making a lot of efforts to make an advanced and reputable Continuing Education School. Currently, taking the Sanya campus of QZU as a leading advantage, the Continuing Education School of QZU is devoting itself into the reforming and development of Hainan continuing education, and to offer sufficient mental supports to the social and economy development of Hainan region.

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