School of Marxism

10/17/2013 12:55:37 PM

As a young and vigorous school founded in February 2013, the School of Marxism (SM) is formed by the former Social Sciences Department, section of Ideological & Political Education Program, teaching and research section on Situation & Policy. Now, the newly formed School of Marxism retains Ideological & Political Education Program, and teaching and research section on Situation & Policy. Apart from this, the School of Marxism also has Ideological & Political Theory course cluster, teaching and research section on Military Theory, teaching and research section on College Students Career Development & Employment Guidance. There are 45 members in the teaching staff, of whom 4 are professors, 11 are associate professors, over 65% hold master/doctor degrees, some are national or provincial excellent teachers.

The School of Marxism (SM) has made brilliant teaching achievements. The teaching team for Ideological & Political Theory course is awarded as provincial level Outstanding Teaching Team; Outline of Modern Chinese History, Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism, Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics are selected as university-level excellent courses; Management, Ethics, and Introduction to Law are selected as university-level core courses.

SM’s research achievements are also fruitful. So far, over 10 academic works, 20 textbooks, and 200 papers (over 40 papers are published in core journals) have been published.

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