School of Applied Science & Technology

10/17/2013 12:55:03 PM

Applied Science and Technology School was established in August 2013, based on wuzhishan campus, and has a history of 55 years. Our school is committed to cultivating higher vocational talents, and is the cradle for training talents in ethnic minority area in central and southern parts of Hainan province as well as the base of cultural heritage, social service and knowledge innovation.

Applied Science and Technology School is located in Wuzhishan city—well-known as “Jadeite Mountain City”with a spring climate all the year round; it covers an area of 800mu, and enjoys education, humanity, ethnic and ecology resource advantages. Our school has 7 displines, including liberal arts, science, technology, management, history, teaching, and art. There are 12 higher vocational specialities and 3500 full-time students in our school.

Our school will make every effort to perfect our teaching team and managing team, aiming at increasing the educating and teaching level and manaing level. Our school will strictly adhere to our university motto : “Virtuous, Inspiring, Learned, and Working Persevering” and  promote the teaching revolution, enhance teaching quality, build the mode of training the students according to their characteristics, and cultivate the students into competitive talents who specialize in applied science and technology.

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