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Experts from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology visited HTOU

3/17/2017 11:22:53 AM

On the afternoon of August 13, 2016, famous Prof. of biology Wang Junli from National Pingtung University of Science and Technology(NPUST) visited HTOU with other 4 delegates from Taiwan business circle for cooperation with HTOU, who were warmly received by Vice-president Liao Minsheng and his colleagues.

Vice-president Liao Minsheng extended his warm welcome to Prof. Wang Junli, Prof. Cai Yuexiang, Taiwan farmland research expert Qiu Mingci, and Chen Jinshu with the product development department of Taiwan bio-technology company. Vice-president Li briefed the guests on HTOU and indicated that HTOU focuses on the scientific and technological achievements transformation related to tropical ocean disciplines. He also expressed the intention of more exchanges and cooperation.

According to Prof. Wang Junli, NPUST has achieved a great success in such areas as economic management of agriculture and recreational agriculture, and realized the scientific achievement transformation in tea industry, herbal industry and leisure industry. Physical stores of agriculture products and processed food established by teachers and students have been well managed. They conducted extensive cooperation with off-campus enterprises and have benefited a lot from cooperation. Because of Hainan’s unique geographical location, and its rich diversity of rare herbs, Hainan possesses a bright prospect in developing sight-seeing agriculture and leisure agriculture etc. The two sides have huge space of cooperation.

The two sides briefed each other on their respective advantageous disciplines and industries and hoped that they could cooperate with each other in terms of subsidiary agricultural products, food processing, sight-seeing agriculture and leisure agriculture, etc. The two sides should jointly dig out Sanya’s local features to develop and utilize resources and promote the upsurge and development of emerging industry, offering service to collaborative creation development of grand Sanya industry circle.

Wei Jing, Lin Chixian and Shi Yunfeng attended the meeting.

Written by: Guo Liang   Translated by: Zhang Luyu   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

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