Sanya Daily: Bo Ying Company Jointly Builds Practice Base for Training Orchid Talents with Hainan Tropical Ocean University

3/14/2017 10:38:04 AM

(On 11th, December 2015, a floral designer from South Korea is demonstrating the art of flower arranging in a training seminar at the International Orchid Exposition. Photo by: Sun Qing/Sanya Daily

(Two Miss World pageants are visiting the Sanya Orchid World Cultural Tourism Zone. Photo by: Yuan Yongdong/Sanya Daily

(On 11th, December, tourists are enjoying the orchids. Photo by Sun Qing) 

On the afternoon of 10th, December, Hainan Tropical Ocean University signed the cooperation agreement with Sanya Bo Ying Tropical Orchid Co. Ltd. for jointly building the practice base. The two sides will display their respective advantages and strengthen the university-enterprise cooperation to co-cultivate talents on the orchid.

Hereafter, Sanya Bo Ying Company will act as a practice base and provide more internship opportunities for the students in Hainan Tropical Ocean University, while the university will become a training base for the company to improve the professional skills of the staff.

Besides, an agreement that the company will set up “Goldlines” scholarship in Hainan Tropical Ocean University was also signed on that afternoon. According to the agreement, the company plans to annually support 20 poor students with 3,000 yuan per person to help them complete the study in the university.

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Written by: Sun Xianju, Deng Mingyao (Sanya Daily)  Translated by: Guo Leting 

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