Delegation from Hongkong Association of University Presidents Visits Hainan Tropical Ocean University for Cooperation

3/14/2017 10:21:35 AM

A delegation comprising of 26 members from Hongkong Kowloon Regional Association of University Presidents visited Hainan Tropical Ocean University a few days ago. The guests thought highly of the university’s construction, and hoped to strengthen the cooperation for mutual development.

The delegation first visited the Ocean Hall in Hainan Tropical Ocean University. During the visit, they got knowledge of the culture about marine agriculture, marine commerce, marine religion, marine folklore, Lingnan overseas Chinese and Danmin, knew the Maritime Silk Road in the early western Han Dynasty and the current hot topic “One Belt One Road”, as well as listened to the introduction about “Strategy of Marine Power” and “Strategy of Marine Province”. It helped the guests have a better understanding about the country’s long history and marine strategic positioning.

Afterwards, the delegation came to the South China Sea Culture Museum. By admiring the various kinds of sea fishing porcelains in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, they appreciated the connotation and charm of ancient porcelain culture, and further recognized the historical and cultural value behind these porcelains. Besides, they also appraised the important role that The History under the Spay: Maritime Silk Road Porcelain Culture Exhibition played in education and publicity.

In the Li People Culture Hall, the guests not only touched the Waist Loom, Embroider Shelf and other weaving tools which are peculiar to Li People, and saw two Intangible Cultural Heritages, that is, the traditional Li textile techniques: spinning, dyeing, weaving and embroidering and primitive Li pottery art, but also became interested in the exquisite Li clothing. During the visit, guests were knocked by the distinctive cultural atmosphere that Hainan Tropical Ocean University possesses. They also changed their opinions with partners and put forward suggestions on the display of Exhibits Introduction.

After the visit, the two sides communicated with each other for a while. The delegation thought highly of the university’s construction and hoped to enhance the exchange and cooperation for mutual development.

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Written by: Lin Yuhe, Yan Yi (   Translated by: Guo Leting 

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