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Seminar Held on HTOU Overall Planning of the Development during the 13th Five-Year Plan

3/1/2017 10:10:03 AM

Diligent people work in early spring with flowers blossoming in warm spring. In the rich atmosphere of Spring Festival celebration and during the days of Sanya with sunny rays and crowded tourists, HTOU Overall Planning of Development during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) was studied and discussed at No.217 conference room, which was attended by some 70 people, including Party Secretary Wei Yong, President Wu Yaoting, Vice Party Secretary Luo Jie, Vice President Guo Jianchun, Vice President Liao Minsheng, Vice President Yang Zijv and head of each department and secondary school of HTOU.

Everyone on the seminar spoke actively, fully expressed their opinions or suggestions from different angles and jointly drew the development blueprint of HTOU.

QZU had received help and support from all sectors of the community since it was renamed HTOU in September 2015. Members of the seminar agreed that China's constant rising in comprehensive national strength and international status provided more opportunities for HTOU to seek more and deeper international cooperation during its construction process, and created better conditions for the introduction of the international high-end talents and attracting international high-quality educational resources. The implementation of the Strategy of China's Maritime Power, Strategy of Development of the South China Sea, the construction of 21st Century MSR, Hainan International Tourism Island Construction, etc, provided rare development opportunities for HTOU to serve the needs of the national strategies, which also became a strong driving force to promote HTOU’s exploration in modern university system, enhance the capability of independent innovation and improve the quality of personnel. Provincial Marine Power, Province Based on Ecology, Green Rise and the other development strategies of Hainan would all provide favorable conditions for self innovation and personnel cultivation of HTOU in terms of talent, capital, system, etc. “Attach importance to expanding the training scale of application-oriented, composite-oriented and skill-oriented talents” was explicitly written in National Medium - and- long Term Educational Reform and Development Plan Outline(2010-2020).The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee brought forward clear requirements for deepening the comprehensive reform in the field of education and stressed the need to promote the strategic adjustment of the structure of higher education, which was conducive to accelerating promotion of HTOU’s transformation development into an application-oriented marine undergraduate university. HTOU has Sanya campus as its main campus which is of unique geographical advantages. It is beneficial to accelerating construction of vibrant, highly efficient and more open education system and mechanism, and attracting high quality students and teachers. It contributes to the development of domestic and foreign cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation, the expansion of HTOU’s opening and internationalization development level. It is conducive to HTOU in terms of nurturing characteristics, striving for superiority and realization of the scientific development.

The period of “13th Five-Year Plan” is the period of strategic transformation and development of HTOU. The development of HTOU is facing with both opportunities and challenges, but the opportunities outweigh the challenges. HTOU should take transition to an ocean university as an opportunity, adhere to scientific development, innovate development model, highlight HTOU characteristics and the development key points. Tightly around the discipline construction, personnel training, scientific research, team building, international education, the reform of institutional mechanisms, security conditions and the core tasks of the other aspects, we are supposed to make scientific planning, organization and implementation so as to promote all causes of HTOU during “13TH Five-Year Plan” period to a new level. Construct an international, open, application-oriented, characteristic and high level tropical ocean university which faces the South China Sea, ASEAN, the International Tourism Island and industrial development needs. Gradually build a high level ocean university with higher influence at home and abroad through the efforts.

It was learnt that the seminar would last for 3 days, during which HTOU Overall Development Planning(2016-2020) was to be examined and approved before being submitted to the Provincial Department of Education.

Written by: Guo Wanzhou   Translated by: Zhao Kuan   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

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