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Elegant Art XIJING STORY Approach HTOU and Won Popularity

2/28/2017 9:31:52 AM

On the evening of December 30th, Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Drama walked into HTOU with its outstanding Shannxi Opera Xijing Story, bringing a spectacular elegant work to teachers and students of HTOU in front of the gymnasium.

Vice President Guo Jianchun and representative of Drama Institute of Shaanxi Province exchanged souvenirs with each other. Vice President Liao Minsheng delivered a speech, in which he highly praised that elegant art was the outstanding classic of human civilization, and introduced that Xijing story had won many honors and produced a good effect on society. Vice President Liao Minsheng hoped that by watching Xijing Story, teachers and students could approach elegant artists, felt charm of traditional culture and promote students' cultural quality and cultural accomplishment, so as to improve grade level and taste of cultural life on campus.

Xijing Story told the story of a group of ordinary people living in Xijing city by melodious and upright Shannxi Opera. Two families with different social status----four family members seeking dreams in Xijing and warren owner respectively interpreted life's ups and downs, the blending relationship between two families also showed the reality of gratitude and resentment between the rich and the poor. The reality scene of the story pushed the Shaanxi Opera stage art toward a climax, regardless the days were too smoothly or unsteady and dismayed, this strength never collapse cavity!

Shows of performers’ appearance and retreat on the stage, song and acting coordination instantly caught the audience's ears and eyes, perfect live orchestra and Qin tunes full of local characteristics lingered in the air like endless threads. Performers’ humorous and exaggerating body languages and loose and tight facial expressions were of great infection and sense of substitution. Following the performers’ shows of hands and feet, we were not only in appreciation, but in experience, immersive reality sense brought waves of emotion and joy,the audience present became sorrowful or joyful along with the performers’ emotions. The show ended perfectly with the curtain falling down. The audience stood up and cheered, Tan Jianxun and the other performers got flowers from the audience to thank them for bringing fully and delightfully visual feast to us in their heavy performing costumes which was supposed to be short ones on Sanya night. Dazzling beautiful lighting effects and exquisite performance made people stop to enjoy aftertaste. Afterwards, at the request from a pile of enthusiastic audience, performers gave signatures, took photos together and had conversation with them. Because of efforts from all staff tonight, Shannxi Opera successfully entered into HTOU and hearts of its teachers and students.

It was reported that the activity of classic art on campus referred to elegant art performances in colleges and universities and some secondary schools given by nationwide state level art troupes or symphony group, which were organized by government and under the guidance of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance. It was intended to lead young students to improve the aesthetic and humanistic literacy and meet the needs of spiritual and cultural life, construct campus culture of “towards the true, the kindness, the beauty and the progress”. Choose advanced culture as guidance and carry forward the national culture to lay the foundation for the construction of the common spiritual home for Chinese nation.

Written by: Yao Li, Shi Min and Zhang Yafan   Photo by: Wang Ruize and Xiong Junjie   Translated by: Zhao Kuan   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

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