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Master Recitation Meeting of Hainan Provincial Writers Association Held in HTOU

2/28/2017 9:21:27 AM

Listen to and enjoy the sound of classic, inherit Chinese civilization. On the evening of December 19th,“Hainan Provincial Writers Association (HPWA) Master Classic Reading Series of Activities --Sound of Classic” was held in reporting hall, 4th building of HTOU. Prof. Yang Zijv, Vice President of HTOU, Chairman Kong Jian of HPWA, full-time vice Chairman Mei GuoYun, vice Chairman Du Guanghui, Hainan Reading Society President Jv Dong attended the event. The activities this time were organized by the HPWA and undertaken by Recitation Art Troupe of Hainan Province.

Under melodious ethereal accompaniment of guzheng, former famous radio announcer Wang Gang of Hainan Broadcasting Station with a song in praise of Wuzhishan poem opened prelude of the stunning visual feast. The national top level actress Gu Guoying reproduced spring-regretting and sad Dielianhua of great writer Su Shi with perfect coordination of limb sand sound, which drew tears down. After tasting elegance and grace of Wuzhishan, vice chairman Hua Fu with Hainan Province Acrobatics Association(HNAA),read attractively Wanquan River during the rainy season, which made everyone present seem to see the graceful posture of Wanquan River just like a young girl of Li people. There were many choice options of happiness in Ends of the Earth, broadcasting guide Guo Xinwith Hainan Broadcasting Group(HBG)took everyone to wander a lot in happiness of Hai Zi’s Facing the sea, flowers blossom in spring. Moreover, famous voice actor Nie Yuanzhi, also member of Radio Drama Society of China(RDSC), director announcer Xing Yue of HBG and other masters successively brought audience masterpieces of Yu Qiuyu, Lu Xun and Mao Zedong, which made people revel in them.

“I just want to raise a leaf sail in your arms to count nobleness in star sea that belong to the mother; I just want to collect your days of embrace of mountains and seas in your gigantic mountains.” The finale of recitation meeting was How Salty are Your Tears, which was made by Party Secretary Wei Yong on the eve of renaming of QZU. It affectionately told “Love you endlessly” and invariant feelings of teachers and students towards HTOU, and meaningful feelings of your blue gene is flowing in my red blood.

About 300 people, including some of leaders and students from School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Foreign Languages attended the meeting to listen to the recitation.

Written by: Lin Yuhe   Photo by: Xing Haifeng   Translated by: Zhao Kuan   Proofread by: Zhang Shuai

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