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Experts Inside and Outside the Province Offered Advice to Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection in HTOU

2/24/2017 11:18:13 AM

On the morning of December 11th, 2015, six experts in Maritime Silk Road(MSR) Cultural Heritage Protection talked freely at Academic Reporting Hall, HTOU, offering advice and suggestions around MSR Cultural Heritage Protection. HTOU Party Secretary Wei Yong, President Wu Yaoting, all of the middle-level cadres from authority departments and supplementary units, faculty leadership of each secondary school and part of students participated in it.

(Party Secretary Wei Yong presided over the meeting)

(President Wu Yaoting issued Letter of Appointment for Visiting Professor to experts)

She Zhihong, former director of the Chinese Military Museum(CMM), introduced difficult history of CMM from the establishment time, social background and other aspects, expressing that with the development of the times, CMM was still in the pace of strengthening and expansion with increased Military Science and Technology Park.

Curator Er Jun with Gansu Provincial Museum shared fruits achieved around MSR in recent years. He mentioned that the MSR Northwest China Exhibition by Gansu Provincial Museum allied with surrounding provinces and combined with the characteristics of the province produced great repercussions domestically. And exhibitions of MSR cultural relics related with coastal port cities were also becoming future direction. He suggested that students with School of History and Museology, HTOU, who would be engaged in related work in the future, should show people value and significance of cultural relics through their own understanding of the museum in their future career.

Combining with the Miao culture in Guizhou Province, curator Li Qianbin with Guizhou Cultural Center pointed out three difficulties faced by today's ethnic cultural heritages: death, variation, inexistence of interpretation. He hoped that students with HTOU in related professionals could have awareness of rescuing historical relics, and seek values other than historical value, artistic value, scientific value of historical relics.

President Tian Kai with Henan Museum introduced development history of Henan Museum, believing Henan was a big province in terms of archaeology. It had great value in archaeology and shouldered historical responsibility as well. Henan Museum had gone through many changes. Recently, it opened a history class, increased the ancient musical instruments and other development projects, and conclude development path and development mode of Henan Museum based on their own experience. He hoped to establish extensive contacts with HTOU.

Curator Qiu Gang with Hainan Museum introduced that Hainan Museum was a young and vibrant one with a short history. Hainan Museum was an important achievement of the cultural development in Hainan. From wane to prosperity, development course of Hainan Museum witnessed the development of Hainan cultural cause. He also introduced the South China Sea underwater archaeological achievements, and invited the students here to experience in the future underwater archaeology so as to contribute to the cause of Hainan cultural cause.

Cao Xiren, vice chairman of Hainan Federation of Social Science Circles, compared the differences between eastern and western civilization, believing the integration of faith in South China Sea civilization and differences between the South China Sea and the Mediterranean civilization should be recognized by the regional plates. Development of the latter was achieved by more use of force means with obvious aggression and colonization in nature. Whereas, the former was realized by means of trade, peace, harmony and common development. This benefited from the positive role that Chinese civilization played. He suggested that HTOU should have a profound understanding of the value of the South China Sea civilization, entirely enter in the development of MSR and construct a promising ocean university of China.

When making a conclusion, Party Secretary Wei Yong appreciated experts for sharing the experience of cultural heritage protection without reservation, offering advice and suggestions on the discipline construction, professional settings, introduction of talents, etc., giving guidance for HTOU’s History and Museology professional and letting everyone see the prospect of the development of the museum.

Written by: Fu Cong, Wu Huimei and Zhou Qinggang Translated by: Zhao Kuan Proofread by: Zhang Shuai 

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