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Center for Hainan Ethnic Studies

12/10/2013 5:27:39 PM

Founded in December 2008, the Center for Hainan Ethnic Studies (CHES) is a provincial level ethnic research institution authorized by and collaborating with Hainan Federation of Social Science Circles (HFSSC).
Located in Qiongzhou University, the Center’s predecessor was “Ethnic Research Office” (1990), which was changed to “Ethnic Research Institute” (1994) and later upgraded to “Ethnic Research Center” (2006). With the support from HFSSC, and with the mission to further promote social science and ethnic studies of Hainan province as well as to speed up the disciplinary development and ethnic research talents cultivation, Qiongzhou University decided to establish the current “Center for Hainan Ethnic Studies”.
The Center comprises five divisions: Li Ethnic Group Studies, Studies on Ethnic Minorities History, Studies on Ethnic Minorities Social Culture, Studies on Ethnic Minorities Literature and Art, Studies on Ethnic Minorities Sports. There are now 50 research members, of whom 25 are professors, 15 are associate professors, 10 are lecturers, 4 hold doctor degrees and 16 hold master degrees. The Center archives over 20,000 ethnic documents and 6,000 digital documents. Currently, it’s undertaking 2 national social science foundation projects, over 30 provincial, ministerial or municipal level research projects. Since 2007, the Center has won 9 Outstanding Achievement Awards honored by Hainan Province, with the ethnic research areas covering politics, economics, history, philosophy, religion, literature, art and sports.
Outlook: Guided by the Marxism, led by scientific outlook on development, and focusing on the “International Tourism Island” strategy, the Center will make in-depth researches on related areas of Li ethnic group through collecting, sorting, rescuing ethnic group’s history and culture, and strives to make several influential academic achievements within three years. Meanwhile, the Center plans to 1) build a comprehensive Li studies archive, 2) build an exhibition hall displaying Li’s historical relics, 3) form a 30-member professional team undertaking researches on areas of anthropology, history, ethnology, folklore, religion, linguistics, literature, aesthetics, literature etc., 4) run a post-graduate program specialized for Li studies. With such ambitions, the Center is committed to making contribution to Hainan Li studies and strives to win certain global impact.

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