WEI Yong, Chairman of Hainan Tropical Ocean University Council

11/20/2013 6:02:18 PM


Prof. WEI Yong (born in December, 1962, Guangdong Province) is Chairman of the Qiongzhou University Council since June 2011, concurrently in charge of personnel and foreign affairs.

He formerly served as Youth League officer, deputy director of student affairs, secretary of Youth League, director of Organization Department, member of university council in Hainan Normal University; director of Information Supervision Department of Hainan Provincial Office, deputy party secretary of Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences; secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of South China University of Tropical Agriculture; Vice Chairman and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Hainan University.

Professional Affiliations: President of Hainan Ideological and Political Higher Education Research Association.

Research Interest & Academic Achievements: University management, ideological and political education, party work. Published over 30 papers and 7 monographs on various subjects including politics, education, technology and economy. Received many awards including Teaching Achievement Award for Hainan Higher Education.

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