Sanya Daily,, Strengthen the Mental Health and Improve Teachers’ Happiness Index--1263 Teachers from 22 Schools of Sanya Attended the First Round Training
The related personnel of Qiongzhou University said that the training is a great chance to show that the university has been committed to serving the education of Sanya., Sanya Daily, Chinanews: Qiongzhou University Won the First Prize in the College Students I&E Competition of Hainan Division
In the first “Internet Plus” College Students I&E Competition of Hainan Division, “Jianguo APP” - a new platform invented by Qiongzhou Universityfor college students to find part-time jobs has won the first prize of the innovative group, and was awarded 40 thousand yuan as venture capital funds., Hainan Daily, Qiongzhou University Won the Runner-up in the National Youth Campus Football Final
In the National Youth Campus Football Final-“Who is the king of football”, Qiongzhou University lost 2:3 to Wuhan University, taking the second place of the college students’ group. Following the Qiongzhong Women’s Football Team being awarded the champion of the World Youth Football Tournament, this is another breakthrough that Hainan has made in the campus football., Sanya Daily, Training for Teachers Serving in the Program of Hainan “Three Districts” Started in Sanya
Recently, the opening ceremony of the training for teachers in the “Three Districts” program was held in Sanya. As reported by South China Sea Net on 23th, August, more than 400 outstanding teachers have volunteered to work in the “three districts” (namely the rural and poor areas, border regions inhabited by ethnic group, and the old revolutionary base areas) since the project came into being in 2013., 33 Teams from Qiongzhou University Providing Internet Plus Service to the Countryside
To follow the Internet Plus initiative and the Opinions on How to Speed up the Internet Industry issued by Hainan province, Qiongzhou University organized 33 teams for social practice in this summer holiday. During the two week’s practice for providing Internet Plus service, their footprints covered 30 towns in 9 cities and counties., Sanya Daily, Qiongzhou University held the faculty member’s training class for the need of building Tropical Ocean University in the summer vacation
The training was organized in two periods. One was from July 6 to July 10 and one from August 24 to August 28. It is the biggest scale in the staff’s training history and the training keeps content fresh and rich. It not only includes theory summery and practice analysis but also has spirit leading. The lecture’s content contains the knowledge about “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, the construction of clean and honest of Party, the history and culture of ocean.

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