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Elegant Art XIJING STORY Approach HTOU and Won Popularity
On the evening of December 30th, Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Drama walked into HTOU with its outstanding Shannxi Opera Xijing Story, bringing a spectacular elegant work to teachers and students of HTOU in front of the gymnasium.
Master Recitation Meeting of Hainan Provincial Writers Association Held in HTOU
Listen to and enjoy the sound of classic, inherit Chinese civilization. On the evening of December 19th,“Hainan Provincial Writers Association (HPWA) Master Classic Reading Series of Activities --Sound of Classic” was held in reporting hall.
Experts Inside and Outside the Province Offered Advice to Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage Protection in HTOU
On the morning of December 11th, 2015, six experts in Maritime Silk Road(MSR) Cultural Heritage Protection talked freely at Academic Reporting Hall, HTOU, offering advice and suggestions around MSR Cultural Heritage Protection.
The International Orchid Forum Series Held in HTOU
On December 10th, the First China(Sanya) International Orchid Seedlings Exchange Fair and some other activities, Signing Ceremony of Goldlines Orchid Encouragement Scholarship and Student Subsidies were held in HTOU, which were jointly hosted by People's Government of Sanya and Hainan Orchid Association, organized by Sanya Municipal Forestry Bureau.
President Wu Yaoting Required Students to Develop Specialty and Thrive Campus Culture
On September 12th, the activity “Beautiful Miss World on Campus” of 65th Miss World Finals, also Individual Sports Competition was held in HTOU. After participating in the activities, President Wu Yaoting, Vice President Liao Minsheng, Vice President Yang ZiJv and other leaders made time to Calligraphy Association, Association of Li Brocade, Qingshan Ancient Chinese Clothing Agency, Dragon and Lion Dance Association, student work display area of School of Creation and Design for appreciation and guidance.
Vice President Guo Jianchun Participated in the Deepwater Energy Conference2015 on behalf of HTOU
From December 3rd to 4th, the Deepwater Energy Conference 2015 was held in Haikou, nearly 300 experts and scholars from home and abroad discussed deepwater energy development projects, technology, equipment and other issues. Vice President Guo Jianchun was present at the conference in the name of HTOU.

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